As part of our mission to connect York we hold monthly networking events!

You’ve heard the word NETWORKING, and understand that it's an important part of a CREATIVE CAREER, but where on earth do you start?Our monthly networking sessions offer a great environment to enhance your networking skills, whether you are a complete beginner, or seasoned pro, this is a great opportunity to build a supportive network of energetic early-career creatives in York.-It will be a semi-structured networking event; the host will be making introductions, moving people around and assist in providing topics when necessary. We can guarantee you won't be left with nobody to talk to!-We are keen to create these events as accessible and stress-free as possible for participants who are not used to networking events, and to offer a casual opportunity where you can practice your networking skills! We're going to be running these events after the festival has ended, so stay tuned for more details!